Adina en Denis

We - a Romanian and a Belgian who met in Luxembourg before making Belgium our permanent home - recently joined the Negenhoek project, and couldn’t be more excited.

We’re planning on lots of baking in our Negenhoek apartment, like the cinnamon rolls. Our future neighbours can expect regular free high-calorie treats, with friendly conversation thrown in 🙂. [The Romanian half of the couple is still working on her Dutch skills, which is why this post is in English.]

We chose Negenhoek because it will make our lives simpler. With the train station a short walk away, we won’t have to rely on our car so much, which we think is great. We also chose it for the community and ‘gezelligheid’ factor. We want to know our neighbours, help them out when we can, and not least have lots of people close by to show off our baking