Cohousing Negenhoek

Halfway between Leuven and Brussels, on the former chicory farm in Kortenberg’s Engelenstraat, we are building a cosy & sustainable neighborhood with 14 houses and 12 apartments, each with a private garden or terrace.
In addition to the 26 private homes, Cohousing Negenhoek will include a variety of communal spaces: a large garden, plus a spacious pavilion with dining room, co-working space, children’s corner, guest rooms and more.
What’s special about our project is the diverse group of residents: young families with children, singles, older residents, Belgians and non-Belgians, brought together by a shared wish to live sustainably and be great neighbours to great neighbours.
The location is also unique, in the centre of the laid-back village of Kortenberg, yet with fast and convenient connections (15 min) to both Brussels and Leuven. Kortenberg’s train station is only a short walk away from Cohousing Negenhoek, and nature is never too far. The valley of the Weesbeek, Silsombos forest and Doode Bemde nature reserve are all within easy reach.

In a nutshell

· 26 fully equipped houses and apartments with private terrace or garden
· location: Engelenstraat 39, Kortenberg
· terrain of 8,200 m²
· a child-friendly and lively community
· surrounded by shops and schools within walking distance
· a 2 minute walk to the train station with fast connections to Leuven/Brussels
· quick access to E40, E19 and E314
· a shared pavilion with several functions e.g. children’s corner and co-working area
· spacious, green garden
· an ecological project with low-energy houses
· great neighbors guaranteed!

Feel like joining? Contact Eef : or +32472 50 45 22.